Prof Afshin Gangi

I am an interventional radiologist specialising in oncology, osteoarticular and spine. Offering new minimally invasive treatments, interventional radiology (IR) has changed the landscape of patient care. In 2011, motivated by these opportunities for innovation, I created a unique department dedicated to interventional radiology in Strasbourg (vascular and non-vascular) with six ISO6-compliant operating theatres enabling multidisciplinary and multimodal interventions.

Recently, the department was recently awarded IASIOS international quality accreditation.

In addition to my clinical and educational missions, since 2007 I have been managing a team of more than 350 technicians, nurses and doctors as head of the department at Strasbourg University Hospital.

At London King's College, I lead research in the field of interventional radiology and share best practices as a clinician at St Thomas and Guy Hospital.