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Keep up the knowledge-sharing and networking! Consider attending the events from our partners and colleagues below.


Dates: 19-21 October 2023

Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

Website: Home - RANZCR ASM 2023 | The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists


The RANZCR ASM theme of “Beyond”, is aimed at taking you beyond the clinical, beyond the expected and beyond the traditional scopes of our specialties.


Collaborations with our fellow clinicians are becoming increasingly important in the face of advancing medical knowledge and technology. These collaborations ensure the best patient outcomes in the era of personalised medicine.


Multidisciplinary sessions bridging across radiology, radiation oncology and interventional radiology will form a keystone of the RANZCR ASM scientific program. In addition to a robust scientific program it will focus on leadership, professional wellbeing and adjuncts to improve patient outcomes.

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